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University English Pre-Semester Test

The data from the test is used for research purposes and to help improve the course (이 시험 데이타는 연구 목적으로만 사용되며, 교과목을 향상시키는데 도움이 됩니다).

To access the test use this Access Code (시험을 보기 위해서 이 액세스 코드를 사용하세요): HONGIK9920

Your class number is (학생의 분반은): 5____입니다.

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   University English Course Syllabus

Instructor:  Steve Reiplinger   Office:  F-406   E-mail:

Office hours:    Monday: 1:00—3:00,      Wednesday:  10:00—11:00, Thursday: 10:00–11:00

The goal of this course is to develop conversational confidence and proficiency, both accuracy and fluency, within the students in a variety of situations, including such topics as health, sports, food, travel, work, and free time related activities.  Being able to converse confidently in English includes practicing four skills; speaking & listening, and reading & writing.  This course will concentrate on correct grammatical structures, as well as pronunciation and fluency.  At the end of this course, students will be able to engage a native English speaker in a basic conversation about various topics.

Course Objectives:

  1. To develop basic understanding and expression of English.
  2. To practice and improve pronunciation.
  3. To practice and build vocabulary.
  4. To review and practice correct grammatical structure.
  5. To develop communicative competence.
  6. To develop skill in speaking, listening, reading, and writing English in everyday conversational situations related to school, social life, work, and leisure.
  7. To personalize the learned language in order to express ideas and opinions about self-knowledge and experiences.

Textbook:  Worldlink 1, 3rd Edition, by Nancy Douglas & James R Morgan

Workbook:  Worldlink 1, 3rd Edition, by James R Morgan & Nancy Douglas

Homework:  Homework will consist of weekly assignments,  and a couple of writing assignments. 

Late homework will receive a deduction of 50%.  Late homework will not be accepted after one class period past the due date.  All homework must have a name (written in English) or it will not be graded. 

Tests:  Weekly quizzes, one mid-term exam, and one final exam.


Students must be ‘ON CAMERA’ during the class period, or they will be marked as absent.

In accordance with Hongik University policy, an ‘F’ grade will be given to those students who miss 30% or more of classes.  Also, students who do not turn in homework, and/or who receive failing scores on quizzes and tests combined will receive an ‘F’. 

If a student arrives up to 10 minutes late, that student will be marked as late.  Three late marks on the attendance sheet will add up to one absence.  If a student arrives more than 15 minutes after class has started, they will be marked absent for that class period.

A student may be excused from an absence in case of a death in the immediate family, or for military training.

A note of excuse must be turned in to the instructor within two weeks of the absence.  After two  weeks, notes of excuse will not be accepted. 

Excused Absences
The following are the only reasons a student can be excused for attendance purposes:
(i) The death of a close family member.
(ii) Activities related to the military.
(iii) Having one of 113 approved Infectious Diseases (possibly 114 including 2019-nCoV/Corvid19).
(iv) Participation in an event as requested by a governmental authority.
(v) Participation in an event that involves the whole student body or department.
(vi) Participating in academic activities which have received prior approval from the Executive Officer.
Notes: For (i) and (ii) above student needs to give the instructor an UNSTAMPED completed
‘Attendance Cover Request’ form AND supporting documentation. For (iii) to (vi) above the student
needs to bring the instructor a STAMPED ‘Attendance Cover Request’ form without supporting

출석 인정
학사내규로 인정하고 있는 출석인정 사항은 다음과 같다:
(i) 직계가족의 사망
(ii) 병사관계로 인한 결석
(iii) 113 종의 법정 감염병
(iv) 정부기관 요청의 행사참여
(v) 총학생회의 제 업무 및 행사참여
(vi)기타 교무처장의 사전 승인 사항
참고: (i) 과 (ii)에 해당하는 학생은 ‘출석인정서’를 작성하여 와 해당 증빙자료와 함께 교수에게 먼저
제출해야합니다. (iii) 부터 (vi)에 해당하는 학생은 해당 증빙서류를 담당학과사무실에 제출하여 확인
도장을 받은 출석인정서를 교수에게 제출해야합니다.

Participation:  Students are expected to come to class, (Students must stay on camera during class period.) prepared and willing to participate with the entire class.  Students are required to bring to class their textbook and workbook, as well as an A4 sized notebook.

Evaluation Criteria: 

  • Attendance             10%
  • Participation           10%
  • Homework              15%
  • Quizzes                    15%
  • Midterm Exam        25%
  • Final Exam               25%

Grading:   A+/A0: 20~30%,    B+/B0: 30~40%,     C+/C0:20~30%,     D+/D0: 10~20%.

Weekly Schedule: Content Quizzes
1 Orientation  
2 Unit 1 Quiz # 1
3 Unit 2 Quiz # 2
4 Unit 3 Quiz # 3
5 Unit 4 Quiz # 4
6 Unit 5 Quiz # 5
7 Midterm Review  
8 Midterm Exam  
9 Unit 6 Quiz # 6
10 Unit 7 Quiz # 7
11 Unit 8 Quiz # 8
12 Unit 9 Quiz # 9
13 Unit 10 Quiz # 10
14 Final Exam Review  
15 Final Exam  

Wednesday, April 15 (National Elections), Thursday, April 30 (Buddha’s Birthday), Tuesday, May 5 (Children’s Day)