Simple Present Tense, Count & Non-count (uncountable) nouns: Unit 3

How much time do you have? How do you answer that question? How do we measure time ? We need to put time into a container, i.e. a second, an hour, a day, a week, etc. Then, we can count it.

This week, we completed worksheets in class that reviewed the simple present tense, as well as ‘count’ and ‘non-count’ / ‘uncountable’ nouns. Things like water, rice, beans, sand, etc. need to be contained within something to be counted.

Grammer: How much ________ is there? How many are there? There is one bowl of rice. There are two bowls of beans.

GRAMMAR: Does she wash her hair everyday. She washes her hair everyday. She doesn’t wash her hair everyday.

Do they watch TV everyday. They watch TV one time per week. They don’t watch any TV.