Past Tense: Unit 4

This was week 5. We covered the past tense. We also played games in class. We needed to make up, or invent, the rules to these games.

GRAMMAR: There are two forms of verbs in the past tense. Regular verbs need only an ‘ed’ to be added to the end of the word. Some of these verbs end in ‘y’, so we change the ‘y’ to an ‘i’ and then add ‘ed’. For example: walk/walked, smile/smiled. And in the case of study, study/ stud y>i +ed /studied.

And, we have irregular past tense forms, for example, go/went, buy bought, draw/drew.

And the interrogative, or question, form of the past tense. “Did you study? Did she smile at you? Did all of your brothers and sisters walk home together? ”