Can, Could, to: Unit 5

This week we practiced our listening as we listened to a story about a man who had changed. We also completed two worksheets in class to practice and review someone’s ability to do something. To express our ability, we use the words, “can/could”.

GRAMMAR: “Can” is the word that we use to express ability in the present tense. “Could” is the work that we use to express ability in the past tense. “Can you run fast? I could run fast when I was young. Can you walk to the store? Yes, I can walk to the store. or No, I can’t walk to the store. “

We also listened to the story about the man who had changed. In this audio file, we heard a very conversational expression that English speakers use in everyday conversation to talk about abilities or activities in the past. …used to … “When you were young, did you ever climb trees?”
“I used to climb trees.”